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Lego shoes

Hey there! We made some super cool LEGO shoes witch we think you guys will really love. On this page we will show you how to make them

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What do you need?


As first you’ll need to get a pair of shoes witch you would like to use for this project. The type of shoes depends on the type of LEGO you want to use. For instance, if you want to use long and wide plates you’ll need a more flexible shoe then if you want to use small bricks. Make sure to use shoes witch are old since you are going to hot glue them.


Now you need to find some LEGO pieces witch you will use to glue onto the shoe. What pieces you use depends on type shoe you got! We’ve used some smaller plates (between 1×1 stud and 2×4 studs). To make it all neet you can use minifigures and utensils. But there is actually no limit in witch items you can use займы онлайн. As long if you use your imagination


The last thing what you need is some glue. We’ve used hot glue, but really, you can use any glue you would like as long as it is strong enough to hold LEGO to a shoe and it will still stick when it rains (in case if you want to wear it outside).

Instruction video

Well thats it! Now you know how to make a LEGO shoe

Would you like to make them yourself ?